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Dr Oz. explains Vitamin D benefits on this video

In Colorado, during our long cold winter months you will need MORE sunshine or more vitamin D. When you don’t have access to that direct sunlight for healthy UVB rays, you can use Tanning Beds in safe, controlled exposures to get your perfect Vitamin D levels.


Get your Vitamin D from Safe, Controlled, Artificial Light In Boulder, Colorado at Veranda Sun

Light helps you stay healthy and during the winter in Colorado, it’s harder  for most of us to get enough natural light to have ideal Vitamin D levels and serotonin production for healthy living. Visit our Tanning Superstore in Boulder, Colorado, the artificial UV created by sun beds has the same positive effect as sunshine. Our tanning professionals at Veranda Sun know how to help you control the right amount of tanning your skin needs. Learn more about How Tanning Works and Tips and Safety for Tanning in Boulder, CO.

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