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If you’re thinking about ways to build the kind of tan that will be the envy of everyone at the next festival, concert, or beach/pool party, you may have considered indoor tanning. Indoor tanning involves the use of sun beds that give off the same kinds of UV and UVB rays as the sun, but allows the user to have much more control over the strength and temperature. You may have even read some indoor tanning tips already, but in order to make a well-informed decision about your tanning needs, you should know the answers to three of the most frequently asked questions about indoor tanning.

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Is Indoor Tanning More Effective Than Outdoor Tanning? Studies show that indoor tanning can help you build a base tan more quickly and effectively because of the controlled environment. Because you can time your sessions and expose your skin to a consistent level of UV rays, the result is a more even tan in a shorter amount of time. When you tan outdoors, you can’t always tan at the same time of day or control whether the sun stays out, which gives you less consistent results. The controlled environment does make indoor tanning a more effective way to achieve a perfect, glow-y tan.

Is Indoor Tanning Safer? There is always some risk in tanning, whether it’s outdoors during the hottest part of the day or in a tanning bed. However, there are a number of factors involved with indoor tanning that make the procedure safer. Firstly, we have tanning technicians on-site at tanning salons that will help you make the best choices about your tanning needs, what types of lotions to use, and for how long you should time your sessions in order to achieve your tan safely.

How Do You Prepare for Indoor Tanning? Indoor tanning does require more preparation than outdoor tanning. You should shower with warm water and a gentle, water-based soap before exfoliating the skin. Removing dead skin cells, excess body oil, and other impurities will allow your skin to better absorb the tanning bed’s UV rays. On the day of your appointment, you shouldn’t wear makeup, scented body lotion, or any jewelry when you go in for your tan. Heavily-scented lotions and other cosmetics may interfere with how effectively the bed’s rays reach your skin and may result in uneven tanning or even damage your skin if they make it more sensitive to UV rays.