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Tanning Methods for a Flawless Tan

That caramel, glowy skin tone is what everyone is looking for these days. We used to have to spend hours under the sun —at the beach or, you know, the backyard— but the good news is we don’t have to do that anymore. Today, you have options, and you have plenty. Here are some different tanning methods that can help you achieve that perfect tan.

Sunbeds and Tanning Booths

No need to wait for sunny days to get a tan. Tanning beds and booths are an ideal option to achieve the color you’re looking for gradually. Sunbeds produce artificial UV rays that activate melanin —the pigment responsible for skin color— and start building that great looking tan much faster than the good ol’ sun, as these rays penetrate deeper into the skin.

Sunless Tanning Lotions

If you’re in the mood for DIY, here’s a great option for you. Sunless tanning lotions work their magic on you as soon as you apply them directly on your skin, thanks to an ingredient called DHA. What they do is they darken the top layer of your skin by affecting the amino acids. You have to take some steps before applying self-tanning or sunless tanning lotion so you can make sure you get the desired result.

spray tanning


Airbrush or spray tans are the perfect, quick solution for all your tanning wants and needs. Spray tanning solutions are typically DHA based, and give you fast and flawless results. Within 10 to 15 mins, a professional airbrush technician will have masterfully applied the tanning solution on your skin, leaving you with a streak-free spotless glow you will love. Once done, you’ll need to wait at least 8 hours before taking a shower, so you can allow the spray tan to sink in, giving you lasting results.


These tanning options make life so much simpler. If you’re looking for the best tan in Boulder, you know who to call.