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How to Get a Great Sunless Tan in Boulder

It’s summer, and we all want to sport a great tan but spending endless hours under the sun trying to achieve the perfect color is not necessarily on our priority list. The most efficient ways to get a tan in Boulder don’t require you to spend your entire summer trying to reach the color you’re looking for.

1. Sunbeds

Sunbeds or tanning beds stimulate melanin production through artificial UV rays. As melanin —the pigment that gives color to your skin— starts working its magic and get deeper into your skin, you’ll see your tan develop much quicker than if you had spent days sunbathing. Sunbeds are a great option if you’re looking to gradually build the tan you’re looking for.

2. Spray Tanning

If quick and convenient is what you’re going for, spray tanning is the option for you. These tanning solutions are typically DHA based and help you develop a flawless tan in a quick 10 to 15-minute session. You can choose between a Mystic tan or a hand-held custom spray tan. This last one can be taken to the next level by using the Bondi Sands solution, a fast-drying professional spray tan solution which is infused with a fresh scent of coconut, enriched with aloe vera, and can be washed off 2 hours after application. ????

Young women dancing in the sun3. Self Tanning

Self-tanning solutions are perfect for those looking for an at-home way to get a tan, something that is literally at the tip of their fingers. These are also typically DHA-based solutions which start working on your skin as soon as you apply the product. Unlike the other two tanning options, self-tanning lotions don’t work by stimulating melanin production deep down in your skin. What they do is affect the amino acids in the top layer, giving you a beautiful color that can last up to 10 days. Great results depend on successfully applying your self-tanning lotion.


Which to choose? It’s a matter of preference, but you can rest assured that at Veranda Sun you’ll get the best tanning services in Boulder.