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How to make your tan last longer

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It’s summer time, and we know that you’ve been working and studying hard all these months and have earned yourself a well-deserved vacation. Since achieving a nice, healthy-looking golden-brown tanned look also requires some dedication, it’s only fair that we help you keep it for as long as you can! So here are some easy tips for before and after your indoor tanning sessions for a longer lasting tan:

Before tanning

1) Take a shower: This is important because this way, your skin will be clean for your session and it will help to get a deeper tan and color.

2) Full body exfoliation: This is probably the last thing you’d think of, but to ensure a long-lasting tan, it is highly recommended to exfoliate your skin before tanning. Our outer skin layer is renewed approximately every two weeks, so by exfoliating, you can make sure your skin cells are back to the start point of their cycle, and with the dead top skin layer gone, UVB rays can penetrate deeper and reach the melanin in your skin.

After tanning

3) Hydrate your skin: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Keeping your skin hydrated will extend the life of your tan. This means not only applying a good moisturizer on your body after every shower but also drinking plenty of water. Aloe Vera or coconut oil are also great after-tan options that will keep your skin moisturized efficiently.

4) Avoid waxing or shaving: If you want your tan to last, try to stay clear of any of those hair-removing methods, since they’ll also scrape off parts of the outer layer of skin, causing your tan to fade quicker.

How to make your tan last longer

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