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A Great-Looking Tan Is Only a Few Simple Steps Away

If you’re like us, you love a good tan. It makes you feel more confident and makes you look radiant, but it can be tricky to get it just right, especially when you try to achieve a specific tone only by laying in the sun.

Sunless tanning options can make your life much simpler, but whether you are the kind of person that tans in the sun or sunless, some tips can help you achieve that beautiful tone you’re going after.

Understand How Tanning Works

When you expose your skin to UV light, your body responds by stimulating melanin production in your cells. Melanin is a pigment that will darken your skin to protect it from UV rays. Tanning in a sunbed will allow you to reach the desired color quicker than by laying in the sun.

Keep Your Tanning Supplies Handy

Regardless of the tanning method you plan on using, make sure you bring your tanning supplies with you, so they are at hand when you need them, to avoid unnecessary interruptions. Grab your tanning lotion beforehand.

A Great-Looking Tan Is Only a Few Simple Steps AwayExfoliate Before Tanning

By exfoliating your skin, you will remove all the dead skin cells that may be laying on top. This way, you will be tanning over fresh skin, which will render a more even and longer-lasting tan.

Slowly Develop Your Tan

Don’t pretend to go from zero to a hundred in a day. Whether you decide to tan naturally or to use sunbeds, you need to work on your tan slowly until you reach the desired color. Forcing too much UV light into the skin can be harmful to it. Take your time to develop a base tan.

Avoid Hot Showers

Hot showers are nice, but they can dehydrate your skin. A tan on dry skin will not last very long, so try to steer clear of hot showers for a while after tanning. Replace them with warm showers and make sure you carefully blot your skin dry. Friction from the towel can also harm your tan.


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