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Unexpected Benefits Of Tanning

Tanning is a pleasure for many people. Bronzed skin has a way to make you feel more attractive and confident. Beyond affecting your skin color, tanning can also produce other types of changes in your body and your brain.

Helps Meet Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D

Vitamin D supplements are often recommended to ensure your intake of this vitamin is where it needs to be. Vitamin D is naturally produced when you are exposed to UV light. A 30-minute tanning session could be an alternative way for you to reach the daily recommended dose of Vitamin D.

Benefits of tanningDecreases Stress Levels

Tanning makes you feel good about yourself and boosts self-esteem. Having a positive self-image can minimize stress. Also, the warmth produced by being exposed to UV rays in a tanning bed may lead to a feeling of well being and help you relax.

May Improve Sex Drive

Spending time in a tanning bed can cause your body to release endorphins, which activate specific feel-good processes in the brain. The release of these chemicals can increase your energy levels and have a positive impact on the libido.

Boosts Your Creativity

Stress blocks creativity. As you relax during your tanning session, your brain may be more open to creative thought. It is possible you will find it easier to come up with new ideas and inspiration.

Makes Food Taste Better

Have you ever been at the beach for a while and then you eat a piece of fruit and it tastes glorious? Tanning stimulates the areas of your brain that produces the type of chemicals that improve your mood but additionally, it may intensify your sense of taste and smell. This will make food seem tastier than usual.


Tanning is not just about the physical benefits. Now you have more reasons to get a tan.