Here at Veranda Sun, we are providing the highest quality in cosmetic tanning.

We are serious about sunburn prevention. To avoid any kind of overexpose. A sunburn signifies that your cells have gotten more ultra-violet radiation than they can take and the redness that you see is your immune system responding to the reaction. All of us at Veranda sun have had training on how best to prevent sunburns. We will carefully assess your skin tone in order to best advise you on the amount of time that will not cause you to overexpose. Our advice is based on the manufacturer’s guidelines and while we respect your desire to get the most out of your session, we want and need you to limit your risk of burning.

Our goal is to get you the deepest, darkest tan in the shortest amount of time. Sometimes that will mean that we recommend shorter and more frequent sessions. Sometimes that will mean a different type of lotion. Sometimes that will mean a different level of aftercare. We make these recommendations based on our training and above all, the prevention of sunburns.



Personal care is our priority.We listen to our customers regarding their needs and goals for tanning, and customize our services accordingly. Our salon is kept at the highest standard with an attention to detail that ensures a clean environment with great results! Our customers always enjoy the newest and highest quality products. We offer Red Light Therapy, which has unparalleled health benefits including skin rejuvenation and pain relief. Also, our hand-held custom spray tanning solution is anti-aging and hand blended for the best results possible!

Privately Owned since 1983

We are not a corporation. 

Veranda Sun was established in 1983, making us the first tanning salon in Boulder! Since our formation we have grown with the Boulder community and our salon has been constantly updated to provide our clients with a top of the line tanning experience. Today, we offer our clients 8 different levels of sun beds as well as a variety of sunless options. Our salon has more sun beds than any other salon in Boulder! In total, we have 19 beds to provide the best possible bronzing results. Our Red Light Therapy treatment is UVA and UVB free, with proven results of pain relief and skin rejuvenation. Also our hand-held spray tanning solution is hand blended with an anti-aging formula that will leave your skin feeling completely hydrated. Our staff is always friendly and informed, and our number one priority is giving you the best possible tanning experience from the moment you walk through the door. Come visit us today!


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