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Frequent Tanning Bed Questions

A great, natural-looking tan doesn’t depend solely on laying under the sun for hours. Sunbeds can be a great alternative for you to get a beautiful, glowy tan. If you’re new to the wonders of the sunbed tanning world, here are some of the most common questions —which have surely crossed your mind— and their answers:

How Many Sessions Are Needed?

Once you arrive at a tanning salon, like Veranda Sun, your needs will be assessed to determine the best tanning plan for you. The number of sessions will depend on your skin type, how vulnerable it is to heat, type of bed you choose, and how dark you want your skin to get.

How Often Should I Tan?

The frequency of your tanning sessions will vary depending on your objective? If you want to get color, you’ll probably need more sessions —3 to 4 per week— than if you want to maintain your color —1 to 2 per week. However, the frequency will also depend on the type of bed you choose.

5 Frequent Sunbed Tanning Questions Answered

How Long Does a Session Last?

When you use sunbeds, you won’t have to lay there and tan for hours to get results. Sunbed tanning sessions typically last up to 25 mins; again, depending on the type of bed that is used. Some beds are more powerful than others, which decreases the exposure time.

Can I Tan More Than Once in a Day?

This is not advisable. Sunbeds accelerate the tanning process, so even though your sessions might last just a few mins, your skin cells have had to work harder to develop your tan. You must allow your skin to rest 24 to 48 hours before your next session, or you risk burning your skin.

Why Is My Tan Fading?

Those who have pale to fair skin can experience fading between sessions if they are too far apart. Ideally, they should be as frequent as twice per week, as a minimum, to avoid this from happening. Otherwise, your skin will have more than enough time to regenerate and fight the melanin that was produced by being exposed to UV rays. Once you reach your desired color, your sessions will be farther apart, but you can maintain your tan between sessions by using sunblock and moisturizers.

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