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If you thought you knew all about our November deals, you had no idea.

Black Friday Tanning Deals That You Don’t Want to Miss

You read it here first. At Veranda Sun in Boulder, we love to surprise you with amazing tanning deals that you cannot resist, so you can keep your skin beautifully tanned and glowing, from January to December. Why should the weather interfere?

We did just release our November tanning deals, which are pretty great already — if you haven’t seen them yet, go check them out now— but you know, the holiday season gets everyone in the spirit of loving and sharing, so why not make them bigger and better, right? Well, get ready because we are ready to rock your Black Friday with our one-day-only tanning deals:

Buy 5 Sessions

Get 5 Free

Black $45
Grey $67
Yellow $81
Green $92
Blue $114
Purple $127


Buy 3 Months Unlimited

Get One Month Free

Black $149 ($37 per month)
Grey $179 ($45 per month)
Yellow $199 ($49 per month)
Green $239 ($59 per month)
Blue $299 ($74 per month)
Purple $399 ($99 per month)

**Only one per customer.

There’s No Off-Season for Tanning

If you love golden or caramel-colored skin, no season is excuse to go pale. Indoor tanning provides the opportunity to maintain your beautiful color from season to season, thanks to controlled tanning sessions using your favorite sunbed.

We offer a wide variety of sunbeds, horizontal and vertical, depending on your preference. Some might find it more comfortable to lay down, others consider it more convenient to remain on their feet. After all, your tanning session will not last hours but minutes. In those minutes, the sunbed will work its magic to boost melanin production in your skin, so you can gradually achieve the beautiful color you want. Take advantage of our one-day-only tanning deals this Black Friday, November 23rd and start preparing your skin for the holiday season.

Black Friday Tanning Deals That You Don't Want to Miss