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The best part of summer might be over, but you can still sport beautiful tanned skin. We have more great tanning specials for you this month and they’re really hard to resist.

Time to Get Luminous with Our Tanning Boutique Specials

August is coming at you with some amazing tanning options at Veranda Sun. Even if summer is almost coming to end, there’s no reason why your tan should, too. We are all about keeping that beautiful, sun-kissed look alive around here, and we know you are, too. All the more reason to take advantage of these great deals, wouldn’t you agree? Take a look at these tanning specials we have created just for you.

Become a Veranda Sun Member!

Benefit with Membership $

20 Mystic’s


Get a FREE After Tan Lotion!

$34 Value

No cancellation fee

Memberships + tax and activation

6 Sessions Custom Airbrush

$179 plus gratuity

(reg. $199 plus gratuity)

Lotion of the Month

The Designer Line

White Bronzers

Vita Plus D Blend

Photo Ready Airbrush Technology


(Reg $89)

Red Light Therapy

Boost collagen with Red LIght Therapy

Reduce wrinkles


Firming and toning

Get rid of acne

Reduce body pain

Month-to-Month Membership


Already a member?

Add Red Light Therapy to your current tanning membership for $39

Per Month


Teeth Whitening Deals at Veranda Sun

Get a beaming smile this month with our teeth whitening deals


Teeth Whitening

Show off your Summer Tan with bright white teeth



Everybody Likes Tan Legs

Legacy Leg Tanner

10 tans – $59

(Reg $69)

5 Session Sale


(reg. $40)


(reg. $59)


(reg. $69)


(reg. $90)


(reg. $105)


Get the Best Tanning Experience at the Best Tanning Salon in Boulder

At Veranda Sun, we are devoted to giving you the best possible tanning experience you can find. We are proud to have been recognized as the Best Tanning Salon in Boulder by Best of Boulder this year, and we plan to live up to that standard. That’s why we not only offer a great variety of products but also focus on providing the best service. Put us to the test and come enjoy this month’s great deals. Give us a call today.

August 2017 Tanning Specials