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Consequences of Sun Avoidance

These days many people are frightened to face the sun because of what excessive sun exposure can do. However, avoiding it altogether has a different set of implications that are not good for your health either. According to Vitamin D counsel, these are some of the consequences of sun avoidance:


Did you know that those who avoid exposure to the sun, most of their lives, are about 40% more likely to get dementia as they get older? Some studies reported this earlier, however, this conclusion was not published until recently.

Bone Fractures

Cumulative sun exposure contributes to skeletal health and can decrease the risk of breaking a hip or presenting other types of fractures. A study showed that increasing cumulative sun exposure could help protect females against fractures. It is also associated with higher bone mineral density in young males, regardless of their current level of vitamin D.

Tannins & Scars

Finding a balance is critical when it comes to sun exposure.


Near-sightedness or myopia is not a new thing. However, developing it during childhood is a more recent phenomenon, and the incidence is growing. A study estimated that by 2050, 50% of the world could be myopic. However, sun exposure could help minimize the risk of developing this condition.


Another study studied more than 29,000 women from Sweden for over 20 years. They concluded that those women who avoided the sun passed away much younger than those who loved the sun. It was determined that the effect of sun avoidance is the same as the risk of smoking.


So, what can we learn from this? We need a balance. Both excessive sun exposure and avoiding the sun can have harmful consequences. There are recommended times for sun exposure. Extended periods of sun exposure are not necessary to stay healthy. A little —at the right time— goes a long way.