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Do you wish that you could achieve a healthy-looking glow to your skin without being subjected to dangerous UV radiation? A lot of people do, and that’s why sunless tanning is so popular. However, many of us see the results of sunless tanning and attempt to do it ourselves, only to meet with disaster. Sunless tanning is an excellent way to achieve a bronzed look without risking your skin to the sun, but self-tanning is always a gamble for a number of reasons. Let’s look at some of the risks.

What Are the Pitfalls of Self Tanning?

There are actually a number of risks associated with self-tanning that you need to be aware of before you get started. Overall there’s just too much risk of mistakes; it’s difficult to apply sunless self-tanner. Sunless tanning solutions were not really designed to be applied by the person receiving it. Another one of the huge risks is that of the dreaded uneven tan. It is extremely easy to end up with an uneven tan if you’re applying it yourself. This unfortunately can ruin the aesthetic you were shooting for with your tan, and it can look tacky and unprofessional. Amateurs are also likely to end up with a tan that is either too dark or too orange. Neither of these is the look you set out for, and it’s something you’d prefer to avoid.

How to avoid sunless tanning mistakes

Don't Shower After a Sunbed Tanning Session

Avoid an uneven or orange tan.

The reality is, if you want your tan to be even and beautiful, there’s no option that’s going to look as good as getting it done by a professional. Sunless tanning by yourself is a risky endeavor. A steady professional hand with expert knowledge is your best bet if you’re looking for a healthy, bronze, even tan. 

It’s tempting to take care of our tanning needs alone, but the reality is that the risks outweigh the benefits. When you’re looking for a sunless tanning solution, make sure you go with a professional. Check our website for more information and check out our specials!