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Prep Your Skin for Spring Break with These Great Tanning Specials in Colorado

Guess what time it is. Time for monthly specials at Veranda Sun. March is full of surprising tanning deals that you will not be able to resist. Spring break is coming and we can hardly wait. In honor of all the bikinis and pool parties coming up, we’ve prepared some great tanning deals for you to start prepping your skin for spring break.



Custom Airbrush Sale

4 Sessions

$119 (was $129)


Say goodbye to sunburn and hello to beautiful tan skin. Our professionally trained technicians are ready to give you the tan of your life. It’s not just great color, it also good for your skin. Our custom airbrush tan will give you that rich color you long for while improving your skin tone and elasticity, among other benefits. Be your best self with a bronze glow!

Bronze D-Coded

Lotion of the Month

Bronze D-Coded $70 (was $80)

Are you looking to deepen your skin tone while protecting your skin? Then you’ll love our lotion of the month. Bronze D-Coded is a wonderful product that refreshes your skin, while shielding you from the sun and giving you a sexy shine, like no other product can do.



(reg. $112)

VHO $130

(reg. $157)


(reg. $189)

ULTRA 5000 $165

(reg. $189)

ULTRA 6400 $204

(reg. $223)

+ Tax


Red Light Therapy

Reduce wrinkles
Gets rid of acne
Reduces body pain
Aids in cellulite reduction

This therapy uses infrared light that penetrates the skin to strengthen its collagen and elastin, which helps with the appearance of the skin, among other benefits. Not only can you minimize wrinkles, red light therapy can help rejuvenate your health, beauty and give you a feeling of overall well-being. Take advantage of this great deal during the month of march and watch your skin transform.

Legacy Leg Tanner

15 Tans for $95 (reg. $112)


Prep Your Skin for Spring Break with These Great Tanning Specials in Colorado
Spring break can’t pass you by without leaving you with beautiful bronze skin and tons of amazing memories. Take the first step toward an incredible spring vacation and come to Veranda Sun to take advantage of these amazing tanning specials.