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While many people head to the beach and sit under the scorching sun for hours in the hope that they will get the tan they desire, the reality is far from it. Slathering your body with suntan lotions and stretching out under the sun can give you sunburn.

So, does that mean you have to give up your desire for that bronzed look? Well, not really. Many will have tried tanning beds and rued the fact that they did. Spray tans are an excellent alternative that can give you the tan you want, safely.

What is a Spray Tan?

How to Get Glowing Tanned Skin without the Burn

Tips to get a natural healthy tan.

A Spray tan is a great alternative for those who want to have some bronzing, but do not want to lay in the sun or hit the tanning bed. As mentioned, spray tans are a much safer way to do this. Typically, the worst thing that can happen from a spray tan is that the skin may turn a little orange, but you don’t need to worry about health risks.

The latest technology in this space that well-established tanning salons recommend are custom Airbrush tans. Professionally trained technicians apply these to your skin, and they are skilled enough to ensure your skin has the perfect spray tan at the end of the process.

This specialized sunless tan treatment will leave you feeling and looking fantastic. While there are different formulations, the best products generally contain Vitamins like A, C & E. They may also contain some percentage of Aloe Vera and Kosher Plant Derived Glycerin.

How You Can Get the Perfect Sunless Tan

These unique formulations have various organic and natural ingredients that have proven benefits when it comes to skin condition and appearance. The best tanning salons also custom hand-blend tanning solutions for their clients to ensure the best results.

The tanning solutions contain anti-aging ingredients that help to tighten and moisturize the skin. The skilled technicians that apply the spray tan on your skin make sure that the color chosen gives you the most natural tan. They also follow the natural contours of your body, so you are guaranteed a flawless bronze look.

You can also contact them and enquire about their packages that include red light therapy treatment. This treatment is done before the spray tanning session, and it helps the pores open up, which in turn helps to ensure that the tan sits easily and evenly on your skin.