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More Lifestyle Benefits of Being an Early Riser

In our previous post we discussed the first two great benefits of waking up early. Today we bring you three more:

Family_Dad (7)You have time to relax and avoid unnecessary stress


If you snooze the alarm a few times, then get up already late, rush to get ready as fast as possible and go to work, you probably get stuck in morning traffic and maybe even have to battle to find a parking spot…by the time you get into work and sit at your desk, are you ready to relax? Not really, since your working day is just starting and it may be hectic since the beginning!

So, by waking up early instead, you can give yourself some time to read the newspaper, catch the morning news, eat breakfast and work out. A good tip by Del Sluggs, author of Truly Leading: Lessons in Leadership and a widely-respected campus speaker and education expert, is to write down in a journal or diary three things that you’re thankful for when you wake up. This gets your brain moving and sets you in a good mood because you realize that it’s pretty easy to find things to be grateful for and focus on them. Keep the journal in the kitchen or on a coffee table though, so you don’t get tempted to stay in bed to write on it!

You get more sleep

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It may sound crazy that by waking up earlier you can sleep more, but it is true! Sleeping the right amount of hours can help you to feel more energized during the day, improve your mental health, creativity and weight control. But getting too much sleep (10 hours or more) is actually going to make you feel more tired during the day. So to avoid this, try to go to sleep early and it’ll be easier to get up early as well. Of course there will be nights when you go out, get a drink and catch up with friends, or just stay at home streaming a bunch of episodes of your favorite TV show, but don’t make that a routine. Sleep is one of the most important things for your health and happiness, so give it the time that it deserves.

You become more productive

By waking up early and incorporating all the mentioned habits into your daily life, it will result in more productivity throughout the day. The morning is when your brain is most alert and focused, so try to get the most important tasks done right away and save the emails for later in the day when you’re feeling a little less focused. You’ll notice that by lunchtime you have accomplished much more than you used to, and having a healthy nutritious lunch will refuel the energy you’ll need to get through the rest of the day.

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