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Summer is in Boulder! Are you ready?

At Veranda Sun Tanning Salon we are! And most of all, we are more than ready to help you achieve your best summer look with our July Specials! We want to make it easy for you to always look your best and feel confident with yourself while enjoying the warmer weather and the many Summer outdoor activities in Colorado, so we have the best tanning deals in Boulder every month ready for you.

So get ready, take good note and schedule your consultation today before it’s too late! You can also call us at (303) 447-8844.


1 Month Unlimited on the Stand-Up, Dazzle or VHR

$69 +Tax (Reg. $89)

Meet Zoe! The 12 Minute Tanning Bed

10 Tans $99 + Tax (Reg. $ 129)

sundazzler by tan america

Sun Dazzler by Tan America

The perfect mix! Red Light Therapy or Tanning

20 Tan Sesions $119 + Tax

Tan or Red Light or both

Restored Red Light Prep Spray

$29 + Tax (Reg. $ 39)

red light therapy

Be part of our E-Z Pay Program

As low as $29 per month
No cancellation fee!

Veranda Sun Members


Designer Skin GLAM SLAM
Energizing Firming + Anti-Aging Bronzer
$43 + Tax (Reg. $55)

October Tanning lotion

Free Water Bottle with every tanning purchase!

Some restriction apply

Mystic Tan

3 Sessions any Level $60 (Reg. $ 75)

Veranda Sun Tanning Salon: a premiere tanning salon with the best deals in Boulder

Come visit us and discover why we are the best tanning salon in Boulder: we have 19 sun beds in total, our lamps are always new, and our staff is always friendly, professional and well trained. They know how to help you control the right amount of exposure your skin needs and help you get started.

We also have the best deals in tanning every month to help you achieve the perfect tan all year round! And if you are very sensitive to the sun or don’t want any UV at all, you can try our sunless tanning alternatives.

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Summer tanning deals in Boulder