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An excellent treat for the cold winter monthsTanning lotion sale in Boulder

At Veranda Sun Tanning Salon we want to make tanning in Boulder very easy and accessible, especially during the winter. So not only we have great tanning deals for you, but we also have high-quality tanning lotions available at our salon.

DESIGNER SKIN’S Adore Exclusive 21x Black Label Bronzer

Put an end to color restrictions with this 21x bronzer from Designer Skin’s specially formulated Black Label Private Reserve. Made for the most alluring, experienced tanners who demand dark bronzing power without the use of DHA. The exclusive Skin Activated Moisture™ Technology conditions deep, breaking barriers for the most irresistibly smooth skin. Free your inhibitions and let your real bronzing potential shine through!

  • Limitless Tanning Complexe™ features Dopa, a Melanin precursor, which helps activate the tanning process and eliminate restrictions on dark color potential
  • MelanINK™ Bronzer, a natural form of Melanin, helps promote darker color while Quicksun™ Color Tint provides instant streak-free color with a matte finish for added dimension
  • Skin Activated Moisture™ Technology features a unique conditioning system that melts at skin temperature to provide a moisturized, luxurious feel
  • Mega Magical Silicone Emulsion provides maximum hydration and protection while imparting skin with a velvety soft finish to leave skin looking as good as it feels

Professional indoor tanning

Getting your professional tanning lotions in Boulder

It’s always recommended to choose a professional tanning lotion instead of commercial over-the-counter lotions, as those don’t have the same effectiveness and necessary ingredients to maximize your tanning results and extend its life. Next time you come to Veranda Sun, ask our trained staff about which lotion suits you better, according to your tanning needs!