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Getting a tan doesn’t imply burning your skin.

How to Get a Glowing Tan Without the Burn?

If you have fair skin and love the look of a beautiful tan, you are probably always looking for ways to get on the tan train yourself. The simplest way to do it —although, not the safest or the most efficient— is to lay out under the sun for hours until you get the tone you’re looking for. If you have done this before, you know from experience, that the result peels off rather easy.

Instead of burning your skin, you should build your tan. Here are some tips to get you on your way:

How to Get Glowing Tanned Skin without the BurnAlways Protect Your Skin

Regardless of whether you choose to go sunless or not, always make sure you protect your skin. Indoor tanning lotions, which are meant to be used in sunbeds, can protect you against artificial UV rays but they are not designed to be used in the sun. In that case, you will need to use outdoor tanning lotions. Go for the kind that can hydrate your skin, to keep it soft and avoid burns.

Don’t Rush the Process

Just like you shouldn’t stay in the sun for 10 hours on end, you shouldn’t resort to using tanning beds for long periods of time. Sunbeds are meant to work their magic within a few minutes. It accelerates the process of tanning but doesn’t overdo it. All things in good measure.

Give Your Skin a Break

The process of melanin production in your skin continues for some hours after being exposed to UV rays. Over this time, your color will develop. Allowing your skin to rest is an essential part of building a beautiful tan. Once the color sets in, you can tell if you’d like to go darker or keep it as is.


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