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Our holiday tanning specials might be the best surprise of the season.

A Holiday Tan Could Be the Best Gift

It is already Christmas at Veranda Sun and Boulder needs to know about it! This season might be all about the red and green but we are crazy for the bronze and we want to share it with you. Our holiday tanning specials are here to give you the opportunity to make your golden dreams come true with a variety of options to choose from along with amazing prices. This is truly an opportunity you won’t be able to pass up. Check out our holiday deals and start planning what you’ll get for yourself this Christmas.


30% Off Bondi Sands Products

The Perfect Gift!

Red Light Therapy

3 sessions

$24 (was $29)

5 sessions

$35 (was $45)

Boost collagen with Red LIght Therapy

Red Light Therapy

3 Months Unlimited

$179 (was $222)

– Thought to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, regenerate collagen and elastin,have anti-aging effects by pulling collagen to the surface of the skin to fill fine lines.

– Often prescribed as a concurrent therapy for chronic pain relief.

Just In

2018 Lotions

20% OFF

5 Session Specials


(was $40)


(was $59)

VHR / Dazzler

(was $69)

5000 + Zoe

(was $90)


(was $104)


+ Tax

Celebrate the Holidays with an Amazing Tan

Fabulous for Festivities

1 Custom Hand Held Spray Tan $36

4 for only $116 

Our best deal of the year!

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Gift Certificates Available!

Wishing Boulder a Happy Golden Christmas!

With our amazing holiday tanning deals, not only will you be able to give yourself great color and amazing looking skin this season but you will be able to share joy with others. Out gift certificates could be exactly what your friends are hoping they’ll find under the tree. At Veranda Sun, we want to make your Christmas brighter than ever. Give us a call to make your appointment and bring the warmth into your holiday season with a touch of color.