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When it comes to sunbeds, do you know how to pick the best one? Tanning booths and tanning beds each have their benefits. Read on for more details.

Tanning Booth or Tanning Bed?

There are various kinds of indoor tanning options. Sunbeds are among the most popular ones, as they give you a more efficient tanning experience, overall. A great tan in less time? Sign us up!

You can choose between horizontal and vertical tanning beds, but the difference is not just the orientation. If you’re not yet sure about which is your favorite, here is some information that will help you make a better-informed decision for future tanning sessions.

Tanning Booth or Tanning Bed?Tanning Results

A stand-up tanning bed —a.k.a tanning booth— tends to use light bulbs that are more intense, in comparison to those of the lay-down option. This stimulates melanin production, which gives you a more intense tan. Also, since the tanning booth can deliver UV rays in more of a 360-degree manner, it can produce a more even tan. In a lay-down sunbed, rays are distributed differently, as you have to turn over to get to the other side.

Level of Comfort

Do you prefer to stand up or lay down? Since some waiting is involved in the tanning process, most people will find it more comfortable or appealing to lay down, instead of remaining on their feet, with their arms over their head. In a horizontal sunbed, you can forget about everything and just relax —maybe even take a nap— while your skin becomes golden.

The downside, though, is that you have to move every so often, so you can tan evenly on your pressure points,—or areas that come in contact with the bed surface— such as your shoulder blades and calves.


If you don’t deal well with being enclosed in small spaces, tanning beds might not be the best sunless tanning option for you. However, a tanning booth might give the idea of there being more space around, while in a lay-down bed, space can seem tighter because of the position you’re in.

At Veranda Sun, we offer a wide variety of sunbeds so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. Make your appointment today and get the best tan in Boulder!