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Here’s How We Kick Off the Summer at Veranda Sun!

Summer is officially here! If you were missing the warmth of this wonderful season, you will miss it no more. The next three months are all about sunshine, sundresses, picnics, ice cream, and our amazing tanning deals. We are excited for this season and eager for you to take advantage of these incredible specials.

Buy Any Lotion and Get 15% OFF Any Sunbed Package

Tanning lotions are meant to help you increase the melanin production and speed up the tanning process. You will find different types, such as mousses, oils, sprays, and gels. Typically, a tanning lotion formula contains ingredients that promote skin hydration to help your tan last longer.

10% OFF 1 Year Unlimited Tanning

No sun? Not enough time to tan? No problem. When you purchase unlimited tanning, you don’t have to worry about any of those things. Unlimited tanning makes it easy for you to sport a great-looking tan, regardless of the season.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Self-Tanning

$70 Spray Tan Start Up Pack

1 Custom Hand Held Spray Tan

1 Prolonging Lotion

1PH Balanced Soap

1 Alba Oil

Spray tans are among the most popular options to give your skin beautiful color. They are great for any occasion, give you a radiant look, make you look slimmer and toned, even out your skin tone, do a great job concealing scars, blemishes and all those little marks on your skin, and give your confidence a boost. Plus, it is a quick and easy tanning method. With this great spray tan start-up pack, you will be all set for tanning success!

15 Session Special

Black $109
Gray $152
Yellow $179
Green $197
Blue $219
Purple $253

Sunbeds and tanning booths come in a variety of options. Exposure time and sessions per week will vary from one to the next. Pick your favorite one and watch your skin transform into a beautiful, bronzed version of itself.


We hope you are ready for summer. We certainly are!