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Everything you need to know about FREE Tanning Week at Veranda Sun

We know it’s hard to believe! So here it is in black and white (and quite a bit of bold, because it’s exciting…)

Tanning SPECIALSThere really is a Free Tanning Week coming up, and it is really, totally Free!

And that’s because we really hold up to our slogan: Your Bronzing Paradise! We believe paradise should be free, so bronzing is Free for a week, a whole, full, complete 7 day week that starts February 9th. Got that? Mark it, underline it, make it glow with your favorite color, February 9th – 15th. Pay $0 and get 1 FREE Tan Per Day in the Super Bed. 

Ok, so you don’t like Free, we respect that, we still have something for you!

We also have a Special Offer on Custom Air Brush: $19 (Reg. $45)

Providing a top of the line air filtration system, offering disposable under garments, and providing sticky feet to ensure your feet stay clean.


Don’t be the one that didn’t believe us and ended up hearing about it too late!

Free at Veranda Sun really means free.


Veranda Sun Tanning Salon

What’s the Catch?

Absolutely No Catch, No Fine Print, Really Free!

Tanning Week @VerandaSun coming up real soon…

Veranda Sun Tanning Salon inBoulder, CO. has more sun beds than any other salon in the area! In total, we have 19 beds to provide the best possible bronzing results. Our lamps are always new, our staff is always friendly and well informed, and our number one priority is giving you the best possible tanning experience from the moment you walk through the door. Come visit us today and experience your bronzing paradise! Don’t hesitate or you’ll miss the Free Tanning Week. It’s Free because we want you to see that what we say is true, and what better way to get you here than a totally free tan. wait, it’s more than a free tan, it’s a free week… well, we’re just feeling generous. But this is a limited time offer, it only runs February 9th-15th, 2014.

You don’t believe us? Want more information? Contact us  or call us: (303) 447-8844




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