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Feedback is important for us, it helps us grow and be better every day

Veranda Sun Tanning Salon

Veranda Sun Tanning Salon was established in 1983, being the only tanning salon in Boulder at the time. Since then, we’ve grown with the Boulder community and our salon has been constantly updated to provide our clients with a top of the line tanning experience.

Customer feedback is very important for us because it helps us keep innovating and improving our services, in order to continue to provide the best possible tanning experience and results from the moment you walk through the door.

These are some messages we´ve received through our different social channels. We appreciate and thank you all for your support!

 Comments on our Facebook page

“I love this salon…Such a warm and welcoming feeling going in. And I love the fact it is not a chain…nice and local keeps me wanting to go back.” Jill Heinicke

“I miss Veranda Sun soooo much!!!!!!!” Laura SadieDora

 “This place rocks! All natural too!” Susu Vieira

 “Yes, I will like this even though I don’t live in Colorado” Connor Parks

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 Tips left in Foursquare

“This is the best salon in boulder. The staff Is amazing and the beds get you bronzed! Love this place!” Lisa D.

 “Love it here!” Becky Laughton 


 Some of the Testimonials sent to us

“When you walk in to veranda sun you are surrounded by a clean and homey environment. The beds are very high tech and incredibly well kept. I was as dark as i wanted to be after 2 tans! The spray tan is amazing as well…Does not fade, is a beautiful bronze, and is always professionally done.”Isabella Fallon

“I have always had a great experience at Veranda Sun! They have clean beds, good customer service, I have never had to wait long for a bed even during peak hours, and they have a warm and welcoming atmosphere as well as convenient location/parking next to Ripple and King Soopers! They also have what I have seen as the best tanning prices in Boulder.” Lisa Reyna

“The personal airbrush tan here is amazing! I have tried other places before, but I will not go anywhere else now. Their beds are great too. The staff is really friendly and they definitely care about their customers.”Claire Stowell

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Veranda Sun Tanning: Boulder’s first and only premiere tanning salon

We have 19 sun beds in total, more than any other salon in the area. Come visit us and discover why we are the best tanning salon in Boulder: our lamps are always new, our staff is always friendly, professional and well informed. And our professional tanning technicians will determine your skin type and help you get started.

We also have the best deals in tanning every month to help you achieve the perfect tan all year round! And if you are very sensitive to the sun or don’t want any UV at all, you can try our sunless tanning alternatives. Like our Facebook page and add Veranda Sun Google+ to your circles to keep up to date with our specials and to receive our Vitamin D News blog.

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