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Spray tanning has been getting lots of attention as of late as an alternative to UV sun beds, which many people find too harsh on their skin and worry about the health risks of exposing themselves to the radiation that’s emitted from them. However, spray tanning isn’t without its cons either, and it’s important to know what those are before making any decisions on which approach you prefer. Below, we’ll take an in-depth look at the pros and cons of spray tanning vs. UV sun beds.

Pros and Cons of UV Tanning

Tanned Legs

Spray tanning is a great and sage tanning option. 

UV tanning is thought to be safer than getting a tanning outdoors because it doesn’t increase your chances of developing skin cancer, discoloration, and uneven pigmentation; but there are still risks associated with these forms of tanning like sunburns and eye damage if you’re not wearing sunscreen or protective eyewear. Another disadvantage is that skin’s elasticity will deteriorate with regular UV exposure. However, despite some of its disadvantages, UV tanning has many benefits, such as looking more natural and protecting against UVA/UVB rays.

Pros and Cons of Spray Tanning

Many consider spray tanning to be less harmful than UV tanning because you aren’t exposed to the ultraviolet rays that come from a tanning bed. However, there are still disadvantages, such as that it doesn’t produce a long-lasting color or sometimes it creates an uneven tone. Additionally, the application process can often lead to staining on clothes and floors if done incorrectly. Some people may also experience an allergic reaction from the chemicals used in a spray tanner (self-tanner). For those who don’t want to go outside after a bad experience in the past, spray tanning may be  a great option. 

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