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Did you know that collagen is the protein responsible for holding the whole body together? Collagen’s main task is to keep skin smooth and youthful, free of sagging and wrinkles. Over time, collagen production diminishes, but there also external factors that have a negative impact on it.

4 Collagen Killers You Might Want to Stay Away From

Sun Exposure

By now, this is pretty well-known. Overexposing yourself to the sun is quite detrimental to your skin’s health, and it can have a pretty strong negative effect on collagen. Give your skin a hand by constantly protecting it using broad-spectrum sunscreen and, ideally, a moisturizer with SPF.

Free Radicals

According to Skin Inc. free radicals are charged chemical particles of oxygen that enter into destructive chemical bonds with organic substances such as proteins. The result is an oxidation, or chemical burning, of the substance, which destroys it.

Source: Stemology

Overexposure to sunlight can damage collagen

Overexposure to sunlight can damage collagen

By exposing ourselves to free radicals in the environment, we expose ourselves to the oxidative damage it provokes on our skin. You can add antioxidants into your diet to fight free radicals.


Another cause of oxidative stress is the lack of hydration. When the skin lacks moisture, it cannot repair itself and gets even more damaged. Drink enough water and moisturize your skin to keep your collagen safe.


Smoking is bad for your body — all of your body. Period. On top of everything else, it destroys collagen and elastin, and even decreases estrogen, which is what helps keep skin tight. Steer clear of this habit if you want to preserve the youthfulness of your skin.

Boost collagen with Red LIght Therapy

Can Collagen Be Regenerated?

Once collagen is gone, it’s gone for good — or is it? This is not necessarily true. Red Light Therapy uses the strongest light wavelength — known as infrared light — which penetrates deep into the skin, pulling collagen to the surface to fill in lines. This helps improve the appearance of skin by strengthening its collagen and elastin. Red Light Therapy is great for skin rejuvenation but it doesn’t do just that. Are you ready to find out more about what this method can do for you? We have many different Red Light options. If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Give us a call today.