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Autumn is all about the warm colors of nature. Get some of that warmth on your skin with a professional spray tan.

Get Golden Skin to Match Those Golden Leaves

There’s no room for cold tones this season. Blend in with the fall by getting a beautiful spray tan and enjoy all of the benefits that it brings.

Spray tanning will make you look and feel great

Boosts Your Confidence & Makes You Feel Happy

With gorgeous bronzed skin, you’ll feel self-assured. The healthy glow that spray tanning provides will not only make you look good; it will make you feel amazing, too. Research shows that women tend to feel immediately more confident about their bodies after getting a spray tan.

Improves the Look of Your Skin

The natural glow you get from spray tanning can work wonders on your complexion. Your skin will look radiant and healthy. Some spray tanning, like our Custom Airbrush Tanning formula, have agents that fill in wrinkles and improve skin tone and elasticity, leaving you looking younger and more beautiful than ever.

Helps Disguise Scars

Small scars can be very annoying and hard to remove. A good spray tan can help you conceal them, and even light stretch marks and blemishes, making your skin look smooth.

Makes You Look Fitter

Tan skin can immediately make you look slimmer and has the potential to bring out those areas of your body that have more muscular tone.

Improve the appearance of your skin with a spray tan

Spray Tan Perfection in Boulder

Now that you know about the benefits of spray tanning and bronzed skin, what are you waiting for? This is the perfect time to blend in with the season’s beautiful colors. Come to Veranda Sun and check out our amazing spray tanning options. No mess, no hassle, just beautiful tan skin. Give us a call and schedule your appointment!