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Bikinis and sun-kissed skin are all the rage these days and have been for quite some time. Have you ever wondered how sun tanning, or tanning in general, started and how it became so popular?

The History of Tanning

There’s always a story of how or why things happen. Tanning has its own. Aren’t you curious, yet? Just like anything else, tanning is about preference. People in different parts of the world prefer their skin to look different ways. Some like more pale skin and even use products to lighten its tone. Some like a darker, more bronze-type glow, and some like their own natural hue. Culture has an impact on this perspective. However, at least in the Western hemisphere, tanning is part of our ideas of beauty. Here are some of the historical, social, and even psychological reasons why this practice is now deep set in our culture.

Protect from the sunThe Taboo

Pale skin has had social implications throughout history. Originally, having pale skin was an indication that a person was of higher social status because they didn’t show any signs of having endured the effects of the sun from labor. This is why it was usual for people, especially women, back in the 1900s, to protect themselves from the sun using hats, gloves, and even parasols.

The Rise of the Tanning Industry

Vogue started a new industry after declaring the “sunburn movement” in 1929. This industry was big on swimsuits, makeup, and clothing designed to show off people’s newly acquired, sun-kissed hue. This era was followed by a series of events, including the invention of the first tanning oil in 1928. When Barbie got her Malibu makeover, the popularity of more bronzed skin started to significantly increase.

The first modern indoor tanning bed was introduced in the U.S. in 1978.


Things You Need to Know About Spray TanningThe New Quick Tan

At first, sunless tanning products were mostly “all-over makeup”, but as time went by, the world was introduced to sunless tanning lotions and even tanning sprays. Mystic Tan was introduced in 1999.

Colorado’s Sunless Tanning Boutique

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