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Be My Valentine?

We know you want to look your best this Valentine’s day and we have you covered with the best tanning offers of the year in Boulder. Skiing? No problem, you can do so with a fancy glow and warm tone on your skin with the following deals!

  • Free membership sign-up all week February 3rd-7th
  • $10 off membership sign up for the whole month
  • $10 off all 10-session packages
  • 6 Bondi spray tans for an unbeatable price of $199

February Specials

Free Membership Sign Up

You read well! If you sign up this week, February 3rd-7th, you will obtain FREE membership! And like we have said before, the best way to keep up with your tan and have that natural goddess look is to be consistent with your tan. It’s a win-win for all! When you become a member, you can enjoy all the benefits and get even better deals! For example, stay tuned for the following amazing deals and prepare to be amazed!

Stand Up Special

3 for $45

5 for $73

10 for $132

15 for $183

Amazed? Considering you should continue to tan, the above specials are just a spectacular way to begin working on your dream color. Also, you can keep up with your perfect tan with the must-have new CBD HEMPZ Tanning Lotion for $25 off this month. Not to mention you have the opportunity to become a member for free and have a head start with the prices above. I hear savings!

Contact Us Today to Take Advantage of Our Monthly Deals

So, stop reading this and come to see us or even contact us if you happen to have any questions. We are always happy to talk to you about the different tanning beds that we offer and explain it’s differences and purpose. We all have different needs and tastes, so we have a tanning bed that will suit your high standards. Because when it comes down to your looks, we know you don’t settle, so that is why we are here for you this February.

February Deals!