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We’ve had a great summer here at Veranda Sun. Now, as the days are getting colder and the nights come earlier, it’s easy to wallow in the post-summer blues. Here at Veranda Sun, we think we should all be embracing autumn and the opportunity it gives us to revamp our looks. In this post, we share our top tips for taking your beauty regime from summer to autumn.

Get ready to say hello to berry lips, layers of fur, and plenty of Christmas-ready sparkle!

Maintain Your Tan

It’s no surprise that we don’t think you should leave your bronzed skin in the summer months. However, now that you’re showing less flesh, you might want a slightly lighter tan than the shade you had in summer. Consult us about your different shade options, or try out a natural golden glow moisturizer to build your tan up to a color you like.

Top tip: If you’re using a lighter tan, be sure to also go a shade or two lighter on your foundation to keep your skin flawless from head to toe.

Get Vampy

Now that you don’t have to worry about the summer heat causing your makeup to smudge, you can afford to go much more dramatic. Bold lips are always in style throughout the colder months, so experiment with deep reds and strong purples. A feline flick on the eye will keep you looking sultry all the way through the party season.

Go Flawless

Cold weather can dry out your skin, so make regular exfoliating and moisturizing a priority. Most formulas are super-nourishing, leaving your skin looking and feeling great.

Embrace your “bed head” look

Nothing will ruin a straight hairstyle quicker than an unexpected autumnal downpour. Tousled waves can cope with the rain showers much better as a bit of frizz won’t look too out of place. Alternatively, a messy bun keeps your hair out of the way and allows you to show off that perfect autumn tan.

Don’t let the cold weather dampen your mood; book a spray tan today and feel great and look fabulous all year round. Contact us!