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Although many people enjoying sitting under the sun for hours in the hope to get their desired tan, the truth is far from it. Smearing excessive amounts of suntan lotion on your body and stretching out under the sun can result in significant sunburn.

You might ask yourself whether its time to give up on your bronzed look? Well, that’s not necessarily true. Many people would have given tanning beds a try by now, and probably looking for something more convenient. Spray tans are a great sunless tan alternative and help you achieve your desired tan safely.

What Is Mystic Tan?

This week you become a member for freeMystic Tan™ is the company that made the spray booth-tanning concept popular. All you have to do is disrobe, step into the tanning booth, and push a button. You will then be sprayed with a sunless tanning solution that’s enriched with a fine mist of Aloe Vera.

This sunless-tan solution is similar to airbrush tanning that combines a bronzing colorant with DHA. This is a non-toxic sugar that slowly attaches itself to the skin cells and then links to the protein beneath the skin. The effect that DHA has on these proteins is what causes the skin to slowly darken after the treatment.

Customize Each Tan

Every person prefers a certain level of tanning. By opting for Mystic Tan, you can get your desired tan in a completely safe and tested manner.  A reputable company will provide you with customized solutions based on your specific requirements. There are 3 levels of tanning you can choose from, depending on how dark you want your skin to be. The expert tanning salon consultant will help you decide what level will suit you.

Mystic Tan solutions are known for their natural, golden-brown hue. As a result of the bronzer in the formula, you will get your desired results as soon as you exit the booth or capsule. The DHA content in this solution results the tan to darken throughout the day. Your tan will last you over a week, after which you can return for the sunless tanning solution once again when you want.

You can also contact the salon for information on the various packages that include Mystic HD tanning solutions. Get in touch with a well-established and reputed company that offer clients with high-quality sunless tan solutions for safe and long-lasting results.