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The most celebrated time of the year is coming. Bronze up your skin and add some warmth to the holidays!

Celebrate the Holidays with a Touch of Color

This is the season that is packed with parties, cocktails, weddings, graduations, family gatherings and all kinds of different excuses to get together and celebrate. Sounds like the perfect time to pamper yourself and add a little color to your skin, walk into every event exuding confidence and looking radiant and glamorous, wouldn’t you agree?

Cinnamon is great on pies and ciders, but that warm tone looks even better on your skin. A hint of color makes your skin look healthier and more beautiful while it gets you all the looks. Sunless bronzing is your best friend this season:

  • Get an incredible spray tan with the Bondi Sands fast drying solution, or get any of their fabulous self-tanning products so you can treat yourself to an Australian tan.
  • Enjoy spray tan perfection with The Mystic Tan or get a Custom Hand-held Spray Tan and walk out of here feeling like a bronze goddess. Our airbrush tan will not only give you color that is to die for, but it will also improve your skin’s elasticity and boost collagen production for firmer skin.
  • Hop on any of our sunbeds and get the most amazing and even tan you’ll ever experience.
Get a great tan for the holiday season

Accessorize with a great tan for your special events this season

Let Your Tan Be Your Best Accessory

There’s no better time for a tan than now. At Veranda Sun, we understand the importance of feeling confident and looking great every day, but particularly, on these special occasions. We’re constantly coming out with fabulous deals for you and your friends, so that you can indulge while taking advantage of our fantastic prices.

Stop by our Sunshine Studio in Boulder anytime, or give us call today to set your appointment. Give your skin some TLC and bring a drop-dead gorgeous tan everywhere you go!