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Veranda Sun’s October tanning specials
will keep you tanned and busy this Fall

Fall season

Autumn has officially started and the landscape is already changing to that beautiful golden-brown-reddish glow. Not without good reason Fall is considered the most photogenic season of the year! And with the amazing tanning deals in Boulder that we have this month of October, you will also be photogenic, beautiful and radiating a golden-brown aura!

At Veranda Sun Tanning Salon we are as ready as always to continue providing the best possible tanning results for you. We have put together these great tanning options in Boulder including sunless tanning, tanning bed packages and great tanning lotions on sale for you to be party-ready for Halloween, so take note and make sure to not miss out on them!

Anti-Aging Airbrush Tanning

4 Sessions $129 (Reg. $139) + FREE Aloe There 2 oz bottle!!

*Nut, Gluten, Paraben & Silicone FREE; designed for sensitive skin*

Anti-Aging airbrush tanning in Boulder + FREE 2oz Aloe There

Halloween Special

Super Bed  $32
VHO Bed  $39
VHR/Dazzler  $49
5000 Ultra  $49
6400 Tan America  $59

5 Tans Specials on These Beds

5 Super $35 (Reg. $39 + Tax)
5 VHO $53  (Reg. $59 + Tax)
5 VHR $62  (Reg. $69 + Tax)
5 5000 Ultra + ZOE $70  (Reg. $79 + Tax)
5 6400 $69  (Reg. $79 + Tax)

sunbreeze 5000 by ultra sun

Sunbreeze 5000 by Ultra Sun


Designer Skin’s Black Legacy 13.5 oz.
Dark Color Melanin Bronzer Moisture
$99 + Tax (Reg. $129)

Designer Skin's Black Legacy tanning lotion

Be part of our E-Z Pay Program

As low as $29 per month
No cancellation fee!

1 Month Unlimited Tanning

Ultra 5000 + ZOE for only $89 + Tax (Reg. $109)

Come visit us today and experience your bronzing paradise!

Veranda Sun is located directly across the street from the 29th Street Mall on the North East Corner of 30th and Arapahoe Ave, in the King Soopers Shopping Center. ONLY 5 minute drive from Campus, 10 minutes from anywhere in Boulder!  We are open Mon-Fri from 9am – 8pm & Sat-Sun from 10am-6pm. You can also give us a call at 303.447.8844

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