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This is the perfect time to start building your base tan

You may wonder why we are talking about spring if it is cold outside and it’s still winter…Well, the thing is that time flies and the flowering season will be here before you know it!

Boulder's best tanning salon

Here at Veranda Sun Tanning Salon in Boulder we want you to be ready for this magical time of the year, when the weather starts to warm up and you can finally get the chance of putting away the winter coat and start wearing lighter, shorter clothing and show more skin.

So this is why we always have great tanning bed specials and sunless tanning options for you to start working up that base tan with enough time and be ready to show that beautiful golden-brown color in spring!

Don’t miss our February tanning bed specials!

Check out these amazing deals and schedule your appointment today!

Tan America 6400: 5 Tans for $89 + Tax (Reg. $ 99)
VHR: 5 Tans for $59 + Tax (Reg. $69)
VHO: 5 Tans $49 + Tax (Reg. $ 59)

The best tanning deals in Boulder are at Veranda Sun Tanning Salon

Come visit us and discover why we are the best tanning salon in Boulder: we have 19 sun beds in total distributed in 7 tanning levels, our lamps are always new, and our staff is always friendly, professional and well trained. They know how to help you control the right amount of exposure your skin needs, and they will be here to determine your skin type and help you get started.

We also offer a Red Light Therapy service for anti-aging, pain relief or skin problem treatments and have the best deals in tanning every month to help you achieve the perfect tan all year round! And if you are very sensitive to the sun or don’t want any UV at all, you can try our sunless tanning alternatives.

Veranda Sun Tanning Salon

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