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Hello July! Hello Tanning Specials!

What is summer without a tan? June flew by, but we still have two more months of summer. There’s still plenty of time to flaunt the perfect tan but you have to get it first. July tanning deals to the rescue. Get your glow on while you save money!

One Month Unlimited!

Black $52
Gray $69
Yellow $73
Green $87
Blue $107
Purple $115

Raise your hand if you want your tan to look natural! Our sunbeds offer the best solution to get a flawless tan. Every session is quick and easy and will develop the tan of your dreams. It’s one month unlimited! No time to wait. Just pick your favorite bed and get started!

15 Green Sessions




Get 20% OFF any lotion with red, white, or blue on the bottle!

If you want to speed up the tanning process, you definitely need a tanning lotion! They come in a variety of textures and a great promote melanin production on your skin and also provide a little hydration to extend the life of your tan. Get your lotion and watch your tan come to life!

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Stand-Up Sessions

3 Sessions $45
5 Sessions $75
10 Sessions $12

A stand-up booth offers a different set of benefits than its lay-down counterpart. A stand-up tanning bed —also known as tanning booth— uses light bulbs that are more intense than those in a tanning bed or sunbed. The higher light intensity more strongly stimulates melanin production and as a result, the color of your tan will be more intense. Another great thing about tanning booths is that UV rays come from all different directions, pretty much 360-degrees, which allows for a more even tan. If you haven’t tried one yet, this would be the perfect time to do so. Take advantage of our great prices this month and give it a try! Surely, you will love it.