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Veranda Sun offers luxury mobile tanning services for your ultimate glow party. Whether you’re hosting an adult party or one specifically geared toward teens, we have the equipment and service to make your event the best it can be. Don’t forget that Veranda Sun tanning services are completely safe, so you don’t have to worry about harmful UV rays or skin damage. Hosting a glow party? We’ve got all the details you need to know right here!

What Is a Glow Party

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Veranda Sun offers luxury mobile tanning services for your ultimate glow party.

A tanning party, or glow party, is a unique way to get a spray tan. Instead of visiting your local spa or salon for your self-tanning treatment, you can have one of Veranda Sun’s mobile spray tan trucks come to you! Spray tans provide instant results and create an even, natural-looking golden bronze color. Your friends will love it!  You’ll have everyone feeling great in no time at all! 

Getting Ready for the Day Of

To make sure you are getting an even tan, exfoliate your skin and clean it of any lotions or oils, which may disrupt your tan’s application. Also, be aware that if you have tanned before, you will only see results on your body once the first layer of that previous tan has been shed off. If you’re new to mobile tans or want to get ready for this season’s glow party, check out our page for information on before and after care of your spray tan.

Planning Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Day

A mobile tanning service can provide a quick, no-stress way to get your friends and family ready for beach season — but when it comes to planning your party, it’s important to remember that how you execute is as crucial as what you do. Here are some tips for making sure your day goes off without a hitch. 1) Location, location, location! For an added convenience factor, opt for an onsite event where your guests can come prepared with their own towels. 2) Schedule ahead of time, so people know not to wear any lotions or oils before coming in. 3) Make sure you’ve reserved enough time for each guest