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Colder doesn’t have to mean SAD

The colder weather makes some people to start feeling down, this is known medically as the Seasonal Affective Disorder. Less sunlight, shorter days, less time outside and much, much, much less Vitamin D to help your body produce serotonin.

Did you know the UV Rays produced by Tanning Beds provide the same Vitamin D as natural sunlight? Yes! Which means you don’t have to wait until summer comes back around to get your Vitamin D fix. Your body needs it all year long. So come into our tanning salon in Boulder and get your D!

tanning specials in Boulder


tanning specials Boulder


Our Veranda Sun September Tanning Specials are in!

Unlimited Super Bed or Red Light Therapy for a full month, just $49 + tax (reg$69)

Meet  Zoe! Our 12 minute tanning bed and get a tanning package with 10 sessions for only $99 + tax (reg$99)

Get your Vitamin D ~ 20 VHO tans for $139 + tax (reg$159)

Fastest Bronzing Results: Tan America 6400 tanning bed, get 20 tans for only $209 + tax (reg$239)

Juicy Desire Skin Quenching Bronzer by Designer Skin ON SALE for $69 + FREE Eye Shadow set with your purchase.

Plus, a FREE water bottle with every tanning purchase (some restriction apply)

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Super Tanning Salon in Boulder, Colorado

Veranda Sun Tanning Salon in Boulder, is here to provide you the best possible bronzing results, even after Summer is over. Come see what makes us so different, tanning salon where our lamps are always new, our staff is always friendly, professional and well informed, and our number one priority is giving you the best possible tanning experience from the moment you walk through the door. Come visit us today and experience your bronzing paradise!

We have the Best Monthly Specials and tanning deals, you don’t want to miss everything September has for you. Want more information? Contact us  or call us: (303) 447-8844