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Family doctors are encouraged to combat Vitamin D deficiency in their patients by recommending sensible sunlight exposure and Vitamin D supplementation in a new study published in the Journal of Optometry. The report cites the scientific evidence showing Vitamin D’s health benefits relating to cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, bone health, multiple sclerosis, obstetrics, infectious diseases and eye health.

“The recommendations to completely avoid the sunlight and zealously and immediately apply UVB sunscreen appear particularly misplaced in an age of 24/7 urban indoor work, darkening US racial patterns, poly pharmacy, and low D3 intake afforded by the current 2010 RDA,” Drs. Stuart P. Richer and Joseph J. Pizzimenti wrote.

Vitamin D deficiency is easy to screen for and even easier to treat with sensible sunlight recommendation and Vitamin D3 supplementation to achieve acceptable levels of Vitamin D.

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