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Look your best on your wedding day!
These tanning tips will help

So, you are getting married and you want the glowing radiance of a bride, or a groom.  Gone are the days of over-tanning, now it’s about enhancement.  Taking the skin tone you already have and enhancing it.  Veranda Sun, Your Bronzing Paradise, brings you tips on how to give yourself the optimum glow for your skin type and tone for your big day, whether you’re wanting a great UV Tan or the best sunless Spray Tan,  our staff of tanning specialists will help guide you in achieving your best tanning results for your wedding day!  Follow our foolproof guide to aid you in preparing for your big day.

Tips for UV Tanning before your Big Day

UltraSun Tanning on SaleExfoliate

Before your tanning session, exfoliate daily, up to a week if you haven’t exfoliated recently.  Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, creating a smooth canvas for your tan to be showcased on.  You can purchase exfoliating kits, or use a body pouf with gentle soap and in a circular motion scrub the skin.


Before tanning, apply an indoor tanning lotion.  Lotions are designed to specifically accelerate your indoor tanning while moisturizing your skin.  Apply the lotion evenly in circular strokes all over your body.  Be sure you only use tanning lotions designed for indoor sun beds.  We carry top of the line lotions and bronzers, just ask us and we will help you find the right one for your tanning needs!

Tanning Prep

It may seem insignificant, but don’t forget to remove jewelry before tanning!  It’s easy to forget about those pieces worn so often, they seem attached to our body.  However, watches, rings and necklaces will all leave white spots, and the leprous look may not be what you are going for on your big day.  For even tanning, remove it all before hand! Also, you will want to remove cosmetics and perfumes.  These may contain ingredients that make you sensitive to light and cause rashes, blotching and uneven tanning.  Again, leprous skin is not our friend.

Tips for Spray Tanning before your Big Day

Anti-Aging Custom AirbrushExfoliate

You definitely don’t want to see spots on elbows and knees, so be sure to scrub those areas with an exfoliating brush before your spray tan.  Remove all moisturizers and makeup, this would act as a barrier and would prevent an even tan.

Take a Trial Run

Tranquility Tans knows every person is different and require differing techniques to achieve their personalized color.  Ask one of our specialists and they will coordinate the best spray tan color for your skin tone.  Keep in mind, for weddings, lighter is better.  With white dresses, you want to enhance your natural skin tone, not change it.


Schedule Spray Tan 2 Days Prior

Spray tanning takes approximately 10 hours to fully develop the choice color.  It typically looks best the second day, so schedule spray tan 2 days prior to wedding date.  This will also give enough time for any touch-ups that may be needed.


Veranda Sun is Your Bronzing Paradise

Now you’re ready to show off on probably the most photographed day of your life, because you’ll look great with or without your dress on…  Don’t forget to bring in your wedding party for their bronzed glow for the best wedding photos! Did you read our recent post on the hottest wedding trends of the season?

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