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There are many reasons to smile this Spring

Did you know that 62% of people overall feel more confident after having their teeth whitened, 64% appear to be more financially successful and in social situations, 68% appear to be more professional?

When you meet someone with a bright, natural smile, it catches your attention, doesn’t it? So if you are looking to give a better impression at work, college or every time you meet someone, it’s time to get a brighter smile with our Teeth Whitening services!  At Veranda Sun in Boulder you can brighten your smile without the time and mess of traditional home teeth whitening products and without the expense of the dentist office.

You can take advantage of our Family or Group discounts, ideal for a wedding or your sales staff at work. We can even bring the equipment to your home or office, and with each treatment taking only 15-30 minutes, we can do a large group quickly.

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How teeth whitening works?

Over time, the natural aging process and your lifestyle can stain your teeth, causing them to appear yellow. Teeth whitening is a process of removing these stains from your teeth. We use a technology developed by White Science, a privately-held division of a company that has long experience in cosmetic dentistry.

White Science’s extensive experience allowed them to create products uniquely suited for use in spas and salons. Most dental whitening services use hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient in the stain removal process, but at high levels it can cause gum irritation and tooth sensitivity.

White Science Worldwide has developed a stabilized form of peroxide that maintains a neutral pH, reducing the effects of sensitivity on the gums and teeth. A specially developed light activates the peroxide and speeds up the process, so whiter and brighter teeth are possible in 30 minutes. After the session, we will provide an easy to use maintenance product –WhiteICE– that will prevent the reoccurrence of yellowing as you go about everyday life.

Vitamin D Benefits for all ages

A whiter, brighter smile is now just minutes away at Veranda Sun!

Come visit us today and experience your bronzing paradise! We are located directly across the street from the 29th Street Mall on the North East Corner of 30th and Arapahoe Ave, in the King Soopers Shopping Center. ONLY 5-minute drive from Campus, 10 minutes from anywhere in Boulder!