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Many people have a pale skin tone and desire a more bronzed look. However, sometimes, that’s easier said than done. Sitting under the sun to attain a good tan can be challenging, and it can lead to sunburn and ugly patches as well. However, you can achieve a healthy, sun-kissed glow with expert airbrush tanning services.

This is the perfect solution for lighter skin tones, and it will not give you a deep tan, which can look unnatural on pale skin. Go to a well-established tanning salon that offers these solutions and uses modern products that will be best suited to your skin tone. 

Achieving the Perfect Tan

What Happens When You Spray Tan Over Sunburns

Spray tanning can provide amazing golden results.

If you have pale skin, you need to be careful about the tan color and shade you opt for. A skilled technician will guide your choices, so you get a natural tan that gives you a perfect-bronzed look. Since there are different tan color options available, they can customize the shade for you and will blend various shades to suit your skin and requirements. The use of high-quality products also ensures that the process is safe and effective in giving you the look you want to achieve.

Tanning salon consultants are knowledgeable and will help you decide which tan level will suit you.  You can be sure that your tan will be golden brown and natural. Modern tanning formulations have special bronzers that help you get the desired result even as you step out of the booth. The airbrush solution contains DHA, which slowly helps tan the skin to the right color throughout the day.

Custom Bronzing For Pale Skin

Tanning pale skin is a specialized job, and you must opt for the services provided by an experienced salon that provides customized solutions. For the best and most effective spray tanning services, contact us. Our experts will help you with the information you need, and a will make sure that tanning pale skin is not as difficult as you thought it would be.

At Veranda Sun, we are the experts that offer on-site and mobile airbrush tanning services. It’s the most experienced way to get that enviable tan you always wanted.  What makes us unique is that we customize our services and offer the safest, long lasting tanning results.