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Having a luxurious tan has never been so easy. Veranda Sun, in Boulder, has the best salon solution to give you the spray tan that summer dreams are made of.

Get Your Glow on with Bondi Sands

Raise your hand if you love a good, golden tan! Don’t we all? But seriously, who has the time to go out and lay under the sun for hours, several days a week, until you can see your tan fully develop? And also, who has time to keep at it just to make sure your tan doesn’t fade away? Surely, not everyone does. Plus, so much sun exposure is not exactly healthy for your skin. So, how do we skip all that and still get a beautiful, golden tan?

Get Your Glow On with Bondi Sands

Enter spray tan. You’ve heard of it before, and if you’ve tried it, you probably already love it. It’s not just because it gives you a gorgeous glow in no time, but also because you get to decide how deep your tan will be.

An Australian Tan Right in Boulder

Feel the sun, sand, and sea of Australia on your skin with Bondi Sands Liquid Gold, their professional spray tan solution. Now, you can get a deeper, longer lasting tan with this incredible, fast drying solution. In addition to making the spray tan process more efficient, Liquid Gold is infused with a wonderfully fresh scent of coconut, and enriched with aloe vera. Those with an olive complexion or those who enjoy a deeper, darker glow are the perfect candidates for a Liquid Gold tan.

Veranda Sun is Boulders premier tanning studio, and we specialize in making you look and feel beautiful with our sunless tanning options. If you enjoy a luxurious tan, take advantage of our spray tanning services using Liquid Gold by Bondi Sands. Make your appointment today.