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Great Ideas for Leftover Turkey

Got Thanksgiving leftovers? There’s more to leftover turkey than just sandwiches.

Check out 5 great ideas or comment on your own family secrets!

  1. Make Turkey Noodle Soup instead of “Chicken Noodle Soup”  and freeze the leftovers. Pull out your favorite recipe just sub turkey for the chicken.
  2. Make homemade turkey stock. Use the bones, just like you do with leftover chicken bones/parts. This would be the perfect starting point for your “Turkey Noodle Soup” as mentioned above or for other dishes that call for chicken broth/stock.
  3. Freeze batches of the cooked turkey meat. Stick your leftovers in zip lock bags or other freezer-safe containers, and you’ll have them available for sandwiches or recipes on another day.
  4. Make  Your Sandwiches Better by including the filling and cranberry sauce. All it takes is some good  bread (we recommend whole-wheat bread), a little mayo, stuffing, turkey, and the cranberry sauce! Another great sandwich option would be turkey, brie, and a quick apple chutney.
  5. Substitute turkey for cooked chicken/meat in your favorite recipes.

Some great ideas include:

    • Turkey Gumbo (just sub turkey for the seafood)
    • Turkey Enchiladas
    • Turkey Tortilla Soup
    • Turkey Fajitas
    • As pizza topping
    • Turkey Chili
    • Stuffed Shells or Lasagna

Tips adapted from Lisa Leake in 100 days of Real Food: Images from source at:


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