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Tanning Lotions You Will Love

If you love indoor tanning, you probably love indoor tanning lotions too. If you can’t relate, it’s ok. You will learn to love them. First of all, it’s not just about liking them as much about your skin needing them. Why? If you don’t know this yet, check out this article. The thing is that you cannot go bare-skinned into a sunbed. Even if you’re not going to be there for long, you still need some protection, and you could also use something that helps you enhance your tan with dreamy results. Why not? Isn’t that the whole point of indoor tanning? Of course, it is. If these four amazing indoor tanning lotions are not already on your shopping list, they will be.

Designer Skin's Reputation

Designer Skin’s Reputation

Reputation by Designer Skin

They don’t call this the 19X Plateau Breaking Bronzer for nothing. If you’re looking for a rich, dark bronze, this is what you’re looking for. You can expect this lotion to take your color to a premium level and help you get that flawless look. It promotes light to travel to your skin, boosts melanin production, gives you a smooth look and keeps your skin hydrated, which helps your color last longer.

DeFine Intensifier Step 1 by California Tan

This is not just any indoor tanning lotion. This lotion will cleanse your skin and purify it, perfect your pores and at the same time, help you maximize your tanning results. *Mind blown*

Stardom by Designer Skin

This lotion is Designer Skin’s 60X Bronzing ForceTM. If you feel like you’ve hit a tanning plateau, you will most definitely break through with Stardom. This lotion will give you extended color development, helps that color last twice as long, gives you glowy, hydrated skin and a younger looking appearance.

Sahara Jewel by Designer Skin

If you’ve wished for beautiful, glowy skin, we’ve got good news for you. Sahara Jewel is the 30X Spectacular Natural Bronzer that will give you brilliance and a gorgeous, dark color, giving you a luxurious, flawless appearance that no one will be able to deny.


You can find all these great lotions and more at Veranda Sun, in Boulder. Your dream tan starts with the perfect lotion. Get yours today!