Before the Tan

helpful tanning tips

Before the Tan…

Be sure to thoroughly exfoliate all areas of your body to remove your dead layer of skin. With a good exfoliation, you will insure that your tan lasts as long as possible. BronzeFX reacts with the top layer of your skin to give you that golden brown tan. We continually shed tiny bits of skin every day and as this process happens you will gradually lose your tan.

The day of your tan be sure not to apply any lotion, oils or perfumes as it will reduce your skins ability to absorb the tanning solution. Also, make sure that all make-up is removed before your tanning session. It’s recommended that you shave the day before you tan as well.

You’ll need to remove any jewelry before you tan. It’s important to bring loose fitting clothes to wear after you tan. Tight clothes have a tendency to rub the solution off of your skin and onto your clothes leaving a spotty tan.

During the Tan

Veranda Sun Tanning Salon
You may wear your bathing suit, your undergarments, or disposable underwear (which we have in stock), or women may choose to go nude. Sorry guys… you have to wear something!

Do not wear wool, nylon, or silk fabrics during or after the treatment.

One of our professional tanning technicians will go over the BronzeFX Custom Airbrush tanning process in detail with you when you come to your appointment.

Follow the instructions of your Certified spray tanning technician.

After the Tan

Wear loose fitting clothes for at least six hours. Do not shower, work out, apply oils or lotions, or do any activity that would cause you to sweat for the same period of time. This allows the solution adequate time to interact with the amino acids in the top layers of your skin.

When shaving be sure to use a clean, sharp razor. Using a hair conditioner will help the razor glide. A dull razor scrapes off more skin and tan. Long hot baths, hot tubs, chlorine, excessive sweating and salt water can affect the “tan” on some people. Using a sun block that is water resistant will help. Pat dry after a shower or bath, do not rub.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Hydrated skin will extend the life of your sunless tan. We have several products available to ensure your Custom Airbrush Tan is long lasting!