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 Get tanning right and keep your dark tan longer

Summer is here and there’s nothing hotter than a beautiful, well balanced, and full body tan.  A lot of times people think that ther’ll get enough sun in one single weekend getaway, staying in the sun for 6 hours a day… They’re wrong! That’s dangerous and most likely get your skin burned and then flaky. And then there’ll be those tan lines… So tan in controlled sessions, a little at a time and avoid tan lines with these 2 easy (and maybe crazy) tips.


#1 Avoid tan lines

While sun tanning, the portion of the skin that is not fully exposed to the sunlight can produce a lighter skin shade, than the parts of the skin that have been completely exposed. Since the exposure to the sun is not even, stripes or tan lines can be formed on the body.

Tanning beds in Boulder

Tanning beds in Boulder at Veranda Sun

Do not expose yourself to the sun

The best way to avoid tan lines is to stay out of the sun. Especially if you have an upcoming event like a wedding where you are wearing a specific dress, avoid any exposure to the sun. If you want to enjoy yourself while at the beach, stay more often in the shade or inside, and cover your skin in dark clothing. Though light colored fabrics and white are more comfortable to wear, they do not prevent the sun rays from darkening your skin. Come into Veranda Sun in Boulder and tan in our sun beds instead!

 Tan it all

Another sure way of having no tan lines is to simply tan in the nude. Maybe you’re not the nude beach kind, but  you can still get an all-over bronze in a our UV sun beds or with our spray tanning.  Tanning naked exposes all the parts of the body to UV rays and prevents uneven tanning. And if you’re planning on taking it all off, voilá, you’ll be as sexy as can be!

 #2 Preserve your tan

Tanning style at Veranda Drink water

When skin dries out it flakes, so it will shed sooner rather than later. To ensure cells stay hydrated, you need to feed them from the inside as well as from the outside. That means keeping up your water intake, especially in the sun when you lose more water through sweating.

Keep your skin soft

As well as hydrating skin from the inside, you also need to moisturize it from the outside. At least twice daily in the summer. Your regular moisturizer will do the job, but after-tan creams frequently have additional ingredients, such as aloe vera to soothe skin.

Tanning in Boulder


At Veranda Sun in Boulder, we know how to do it right!

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