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The advice around the sun and Vitamin D can get confusing. One day, we’re told that we need to get out in the sun in order for our skin to synthesize vitamin D. The next day, we hear that the sun’s UV rays are extremely damaging to our skin, and we should avoid it at all costs. So, how do we know what’s right? How do we ensure we’re getting enough Vitamin D without experiencing the detrimental effects of long-term UV exposure? 

Benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D acts almost like a hormone in the body. It regulates calcium and phosphate absorption, strengthens immune function, and gives us a boost in energy. Not only these, but Vitamin D can reduce symptoms of depression by regulating mood. 

How to Get Vitamin D

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Use sunless tanning products to get that healthy glow while keeping your skin safe.

All of the above benefits sound great, right? Who doesn’t want to stay healthy and feel full of energy? If you’re looking to get more Vitamin D, make sure you get a healthy dose of natural sunlight. However, avoid going out when the sun is at its highest without sunscreen. Use sunless tanning products to get your healthy glow while keeping your skin safe. You get the best of both worlds! 

You can also get Vitamin D in your diet through oily fish, red meat, dairy products, and fortified foods like wholegrain breakfast cereals. There are also Vitamin D supplements that can be taken alongside your normal diet to boost your levels. 

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