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Tanning in the Sun is Effective But Time-Consuming

Achieving a golden-brown complexion is something many people dream about. If you want to darken your skin, you need to stimulate melanin production, and the way to do that is by exposing your skin to UV rays.

Summer is the season everyone waits for to work on their tan. When your skin is tanned, it means it has created a certain level of protection against UV rays from the sun, and that’s great. However, getting the results you expect might take some time.

Factors That Will Impact the Speed of Your Tanning Process

Woman tanning on a pool float

Skin Tone

The lighter the skin, the harder it will be for it to darken, while someone with a darker complexion could be under the sun for 20 minutes to an hour and get a nice color. If your skin is too pale or too dark, you must make sure to use sunscreen SPF 15 or higher.

Direct Exposure

To get a proper tan, you will need time, functional products to protect your skin, and you also should consider your complexion. Doing this just right is what will allow you to achieve a beautiful tan. It will take the time it needs. Overexposure won’t give you the results you’re looking for and will cause damage to your skin.


The tanning process can be affected by things like dryness or humidity. Humid climate can help while dry climate can delay the process.

A Time-Efficient Tanning Solution ☀️????

Not everyone has the luxury of spending hours and days in the sun, trying to achieve a beautiful tan. Other options like sunbeds and sunless tanning options like airbrush tan, will give you great results in significantly less time. They can give you the same feel, the same look, and more time to invest in other things. 😉