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Everyone enjoys getting a perfect golden tan in the sun during summer. However, many are more inclined to the new and advanced indoor tanning options available nowadays. They offer many advantages like convenient application, faster results, and protection from harmful UV rays, which is why they are preferred over sunbathing.

If you like being indoors, you can opt for alternatives like a sunbed, a spray tan, a home self-tanning solution, or an airbrush tan. These methods are tried and tested and give quick results.

Tips To Follow Before and After Indoor Tanning

Self-tanning has become easier nowadays because of the availability of many services related to it. When it comes to tanning in Boulder, everybody knows how important it is to get an even tan. If you are not aware of certain trivial aspects of this process, it can become difficult to get a proper and uniform tan, making it essential to have information about these things beforehand.

woman sunbathing with sunblock on her back

It is easier to get an even tan under a controlled and safe environment.

– Exfoliate: It is always recommended to exfoliate before the process to make the tan smoother.

– Moisturize: You should also apply some cream before the session. Tanning and Vitamin D go hand-in-hand, which is why moisturizing helps.

– Pre-Shave: You should always shave all your hair before a self-tan to avoid an ineffective or uneven tan.

– Ensure Proper Clothing: It is also important that you wear suitable clothing to ensure you don’t get unwanted tan lines or patches.

– Avoid Scrubs: Using a scrub or heavy exfoliant post tanning can be harsh on the skin. It is highly recommended to not scrub your skin for a few weeks after the procedure.

– Take Cold Showers: Do not use hot water on your skin for at least a week after the tanning session, especially during winters. It will help ensure that the brown bronzers stay effective.

Benefits of Vitamin D

Exposure to Vitamin D is one of the biggest pros of getting yourself tanned. Vitamin D is quite necessary for your bones and it regulates calcium and phosphate levels in your body. Indoor tanning and Vitamin D helps you avoid being exposed to the sun’s harsh rays.

If you are considering tanning in Boulder, we provide comprehensive services and have a wide range of packages to offer. For more information on any related topics, check out our FAQS and contact us for any more information you need about our services.