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Indoor tanning is one of the most convenient methods of getting a perfectly bronzed look without sitting under the blazing sun for a long time. When you opt for sunless tanning at a salon, you don’t have to worry about getting sunburned or overexposed to the sun’s UV rays.

The Best Way of Protecting Your Spray Tan

Don't Shower After a Sunbed Tanning Session

Proper prep is necessary before the tan.

When you get an airbrush tan, there are certain things to do which will help with protecting spray tan. Proper prep is necessary before the tan, and you need to take some steps after the session as well. Here we look at what they are:

  • If you plan to wax or shave, it’s important to do this before your session. If you leave it for after the tan, you will find that the color fades and affects your bronzed appearance.
  • Make sure that you exfoliate your skin. Once the dry patches and dead skin is removed, the tan will be more even.
  • Do not apply moisturizers on your skin on the day of the tan, as they act as barriers to the tanning products.
  • Wear loose clothing when you are going to the salon; it will help ensure that your tan does not rub off after you leave.
  • After an indoor tan, don’t cross your legs or rub your skin – it results in streaks.
  • Avoid all activities that can make you sweat and avoid coming in contact with water for approximately six hours.
  • After your tan, use a moisturizer with a good pH level – it helps to increase the tan’s lifespan.
  • Avoid microdermabrasion treatments, and don’t use strips or masks.
  • When you are bathing, don’t use excessively hot water.
  • Avoid oils, harsh soaps, and other similar strong products.

Other Tips to Follow

In addition to all these things for protecting spray tan, if you want to keep your skin glowing, get a good amount of sleep and stay stress-free. Young looking and radiant skin doesn’t happen without some effort and consistency. Regular sleep and rest are important to keep your skin looking great and healthy. Avoid smoking, drinking, and stress, and you will see that your skin becomes naturally radiant and young looking.

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